Everyone Was Busy With Choir. But What THIS Little Girl Was Doing At The Back? ROFL!

You can never be too sure with little kids how they will behave or react to something. Somehow, they always somehow manage to surprise you with their erratic behavior. Just take a look at this adorable video below. It features a little girl named Lara. Her dad was singing in the choir of the Central Church of Kyrgyzstan, and this cutie here was busy conducting her owner little choir in the back.

The little girl looks like she is actually feeling the whole thing, not just trying to imitate someone. Obviously she is watching the choir director from the back, but I thought she should be in the front with him when I saw this.

When you see the cute expression on her face, you are definitely going to melt! She is old enough to understand the words, but when you watch her conducting she seems much older than she really is. You have to watch her face and her gestures.

I thought she was especially cute and thoughtful looking at the very beginning when she held her hand up like the conductor does to tell everyone to get ready. But she only gets more animated as the song goes on. I have watched this clip more than a couple of times and I still can’t get over it! Lara is going to bring a huge smile on your face!

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