Everyone Has A Favorite Toy — Including This Horse! You Won’t BELIEVE What It Is

Animals all have a favorite toy that they just can’t let go of. Whether it be a dog’s favorite ball, that he or she has had since they were little. A scratching post that your cat just can’t seem to stop playing with, or even a bird’s action figure best friend. All of these are perfect examples of the innocence when it comes to a favorite toy. The selection may be at random or even pre-destined.

Yet the overwhelming result of their joy makes the two simply inseparable. It’s the same for humans, we all have toys that aren’t easily parted with and when we find that perfect toy, it’s impossible for us to let go. Impossible for us to just move on from our favorites. It’s almost hard wired into our brain. The enjoyment we derive from playing with these objects has us entranced.

Speaking of entranced, have you seen Kruzah? Kruzah is a beautiful horse who has a favorite toy of his own. Not only can toys be our favorites for the way they feel or look, but Kruzah illustrates that sound can be a very strong factor when it comes to picking a favorite or perfect toy. His toy of choice? A rubber chicken, a classic prop staple in a comedian’s handbag and briefcase. Especially prop comics like Carrot Top, who make jokes and puns solely off the props. Kruzah will leave you in absolute stitches when you see him playing with his favorite toy chicken.

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