Everyone figured it was a hoax when these cute kids walked on stage holding giant guitars. But just watch…!

Some amazingly musical children start at a young age. You’re about to see an incredible set of twins that do a breathtaking cover song. These children are from Korea and are so young that they can barely hold their instruments. As you’ll see, that doesn’t stop them from blowing people away with their love for music. You’re bound to watch this again and again.

Check out this clip of several kids that come up and just floor everyone in the audience. They have perfected the finger picking style of Spanish guitar like seasoned professionals! They can barely hold up the guitars and yet they play so well and with such solid timing that any adult player is going to be jealous of their ability.

This video is storming across the internet as you read this and you’ll see why when you hear how amazingly well this group performs.

Some that were in attendance said “This is amazing, I couldn’t even tie shoe laces at that age.” And “I have never imagined guitars can play themselves! Did you see anyone play them?”

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