Everyone Hopes to Have a Healthy Baby. When You See Why SHE Can’t, Your Heart Will Break.

We are all different. That’s kind of what makes us great. Setting ourselves a part and realizing our own identity. The greatest we can be, the pinnacle of human achievement comes from pulling all our individual identities together, accepting our differences, and working together. Some don’t have to try to be different, they are born that way.

We’ve seen many who were born different go on to be innovators, creators of their own way to view the world. From Louis Braille to Anne Sullivan and her pupil Helen, people born without one of their senses have recreated or reinvented how we view the world today. Through their diversity, they fought adversity. It may have been a slow, but if somethings worth doing, worth the effort, it can’t be easy.

When Brielle was born, her mother was heartbroken for the poor girl. Her beautiful newborn baby girl would never see the world the way most do. She would have to rely on someone visually interpreting the world for her. Telling her what all the commotion in a busy city is like. Or what the Louvres many priceless works look like, or the beauty of Tom Hardy.

Brielle was born with a rare condition called anophthalmia. For the layman, she was born without eyes. The family members that surrounded her admitted, there was a time of adjustment necessary. They however did vow not to treat her any differently because of it. This would make Brielle’s life that much more difficult, yet she would be stronger because of it.

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