Everyone Loves This Man For What He Did While Walking His Daughter Down The Aisle

Many women dream about their wedding from the time they’re a little girl all the way up until the day they’re actually getting married. It’s something that parents dream about, too, and the bride-to-be usually has an idea of what her picture-perfect wedding would look like. Whether she desires a large, elegant wedding in mind or a small gathering on the beach, she knows what she wants and spends hours thinking over the details. It’s usually the man who surprises his future wife with a proposal, but this bride switched things up and decided to surprise her husband-to-be instead!

While waltzing down the aisle with her father, Maria looked absolutely adorable at Norway’s Ålesund Church. Ronny, her groom, was waiting at the altar, and you could tell by the look on his face that he was totally in love with his bride! The perfect moment was taken up another notch when Maria surprised Ronny with a song as she made her way toward him. She chose to sing a lovely rendition of “You Raise Me Up,” and her groom was clearly amazed by her surprise! It was truly an unforgettable moment for the entire family.

Maria’s father was walking her down the aisle at the time of the surprise performance. It’s never easy for a parent to give their daughter away, and Maria’s dad was definitely very emotional during the wedding. He expressed the difficulties he was facing in giving away his daughter, and he was hopeful that his child would be entering a beautiful marriage where she would be properly taken care of. What’s more, he surprised everyone by taking on a few of the song’s verses himself!

Usually, it’s left to family and friends to organize big performances at weddings, but this bride took on the challenge herself, shocking everyone with her incredible song. Be sure to check out the footage yourself and share with your family and friends! Then, leave your thoughts in the comments!