Everyone Thought This Cat Had Eaten The Ducklings. When They Found Out The Truth? OMG!

Maternal instinct is a powerful force irrespective of whether it is of humans or animals. It is a strong bond that lasts for a long time and it is also the reason for a very bizarre story as told by this video. You may have seen many odd pairs and intermingling species but you will still feel unprepared for what you witness in this video.

In this video we are shown Della, a cat, who has taken 3 ducklings under its wing. She nurses them, keeps them warm and even breastfeeds them! The video makes us realize how lucky these ducklings were to have survived and the importance of being at the right place and at the right time. The mothering hormones of the cat meant that she fought off her natural instincts to eat the ducklings and instead nurtured these ‘yellow kittens’!

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