Exasperated Lucy teaches Ricky pronunciation on ‘I Love Lucy’

Lucy and Ricky are TV icons that thrilled America with laughs on ‘I Love Lucy.’ For six seasons starting in 1951, the TV couple had us all cracking up at their funny characters.

Lucy tells Ricky to pretend that a child gives him a book and asks him to read a goodnight story. ‘Here you go, daddy,’ says Lucy, and he gets ready to read.

He starts reading with a thick Hispanic accent and reads the first line, ‘Once upon a time in the woods lived a peasant. He spent his time cutting boo-jes in the trees.’

The crowd laughs, and Lucy says, ‘Wait, wait, wait!’ She asks, ‘What’s ‘Boo-jes?’ Ricky shows her the book, and she replies, ‘That’s boughs.’ The crowd cracks up.

He spells it out and continues reading. ‘Cutting trees all day made his hands strong and r-ooww.’ Lucy puts her hand on his hand, and he stops reading. She looks at the book and then says to him, ‘That’s rough!’

He complains and says it’s spelled the same as bough, ‘O-U-G-H.’ She responds, ‘That shows just how little you know about the English language.’ He continues, ‘His day was th-ruff.’ Lucy just side glances, and the crowd laughs. ‘Hold it, Shakespeare!’ Lucy says. Then Ricky guesses’ Th-raw,’ and she corrects him again.

He tries to read the last sentence but pauses right before the end, and the crowd roars with laughter. He looks at Lucy and guesses, ‘Coo?’ He looks at the book again, ‘Well, I know it can’t be cow.’ She corrects him on the word telling him it’s ‘cough.’ He says, ‘That’s it. I’ve had enough,’ and throws the book away and asks, ‘Or should I say ‘e-new?’

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