Exasperated Mother Leopard Tries Teaching Her Cubs How To Cross The Road Safely

Bystanders see the mommy leopard and her adorable baby cubs in the shrubbery on the road’s side. The giant leopard walks out into the street, and all the cars stop. She waits a moment to see if the cubs will follow. The poor little things stay hidden in the bushes. The majestic cat walks back to the edge of the road and sits up tall, waiting for her cubs.

The newborn Leopard cubs finally venture into the road, which leads through the Kruger National Park. Mama leopard and the first cub are making their way across the street quickly. The other baby, whose legs are so little that its belly is almost dragging on the pavement, has enough excitement and just plops down midway through.

The poor little kitty makes these pathetic low mewling sounds while waiting for mom to come and rescue it. It turns itself around, so it is facing in the wrong direction. Of course, then it walks again. The exasperated mama cat finally comes back onto the road to rescue her wayward child.

Picking it up with her giant jaws, she points the baby in the right direction. Its sibling is like, “Yeah, we are going this way,” and takes off toddling after their mother. The littlest one is still lollygagging behind a bit, but the family eventually makes it in the bushes on the other side.