Excited Doggie In Car Sees A Squirrel. But When He Can’t Chase It? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

When it comes to our pet dogs we really can’t say enough. We love our pooches so much that we find it hard to explain to others just how much we love them and why. Once you have a pet dog you will completely understand why we all go so crazy over our dogs.

If you’re not a dog lover or have never owned a dog before it may seem strange to you the kind of relationship that people have with their dogs. In reality we don’t really consider them dogs but more like fur babies. Yes, babies.

We pamper our dogs. We buy them the best food we can afford, lots of toys, comfortable beds and endless treats. We treat them better than we treat ourselves, but we don’t mind, as long as they’re healthy and happy. Well in this featured video you are about to meet a dog who is definitely a little spoiled, but is absolutely adorable.

In this video you will meet a spaniel dog named Rocco. Rocco and his owners are very close and they take him everywhere with them. One thing that they have learned about Rocco is that he loves to chase squirrels. Chasing squirrels is Rocco’s favorite thing to do, but when he is unable to chase a squirrel that he sees? Well lets just say that he lets his distress be known.

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