They Were Excited When They Saw A Baby Sea Turtle. When They Went Closer? Heartbreaking!

Oceans are one of the most fascinating things in this planet. To date, we have explored less than 5% of our oceans and much more needs to be discovered. Underwater world is like a whole new dimension and that’s what makes it even more fun exploring. But humans have been very careless about this beautiful body of water. We dump wastes and garbage in it and this has consequently led to the destruction of the ecosystem and the deep sea dwellers.

This video covers the rescue of a sea turtle that got a second chance at life. When a group of divers were returning from a trip somewhere in the Maldives, they saw a baby sea turtle on the surface of the water. They got excited to get in the water and swim with him, but they quickly noticed that the little guy was in trouble. They immediately dived in to help him and it is heart-warming to see him swim away! But most of these marine animals aren’t that lucky. Please be considerate and try to keep the oceans clean.

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