This Is The Most Exciting Rendition Of This Christmas Carol Ever. Why? Just Watch!

The sound that comes from a grand piano is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. You might think that as a giant percussion instrument, its range is limited to the amount of keys it has. But in the right hands, a piano can be so much more than just a bunch of strings and hammers.

Unlike other string instruments, the piano is capable of playing multiple chords and rhythms all at one time. This makes it possible for entire orchestrations originally meant for an orchestra full of horns, five string sections, and brass to be arranged for one single piano.

When the Piano Guys approach a piano, they look at it a little differently than most other pianists out there. Instead of simply propping the top, they totally do away with it, exposing all of the strings inside. While one or two people stand at the keys, the others stand around the body of the instrument, plucking certain notes, tapping certain chords, or playing the strings with the horsehairs of a cello bow. All of these ways of playing the strings produce a different sound. It’s like there are four different instruments on stage at the same time, instead of just the one.

Watching them perform is almost like watching a dance, too. Every movement has to be meticulously coordinated in order for the music to go as planned.

This rendition of “Angels We Have Heard on High” is surprisingly exciting for what’s normally one of the more mellow and peaceful carols, and it is 100 percent awesome!

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