Exhausted new dad thinks he’s rocking the baby – he’s not!

Any new parent has been exactly where this exhausted dad is right now.

Parenthood is tough. Any new parent has been beyond exhausted, ready for a nap, and still diligently caring for the baby. That’s the case with this couple.

The newborn is fast asleep in mom’s arms – which is funny because the new dad is across the room rocking what he thinks is his baby. He is rocking himself to stay away, using his best new dad techniques to try and get the baby to sleep.

But he has no idea that he’s comforting a bundled-up robe. He’s so tired that he even tries to put the ‘baby’s hat back on, adjust the blankets for its face, and rock it carefully to sleep.

Any parent knows that feeling. The fact that this poor dad doesn’t even realize that his wife is holding the baby is hilarious, considering he’s looking right at her.

One thing’s for sure – he certainly has the motions down! If he was actually holding his newborn, they’d be fast asleep by now. Pro dad skills, even when he’s exhausted!

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Exhausted new dad thinks he’s rocking the baby – he\'s not!