I Had Expected This Christmas Song to Be Good. But I Had No Idea It Would Be This Hilarious, Too!

Christmas celebrations always remain incomplete without amazing Christmas songs, and celebrities who don’t regularly sing often come out of the woodwork to sing Christmas songs this time of year.

That is the case in this video where Willie Robertson, star of the infamous Duck Dynasty, joins Luke Bryan, a famous country music singer, to sing this hilarious and heartfelt original Christmas song.

Heartfelt Christmas songs instill a festive mood in all of us and put cheer in our heart. In this case, they also provide some great entertainment with a laugh.

We have heard various Christmas songs, and there are many we love to listen again and again. You might want to do that with this song, and it’s catchy lyrics where even Willie Robertson makes fun of the long-bearded Duck Dynasty cast. He also lets it be known what a fan he is of his mom’s cooking like we didn’t already know that from watching the show.

Watch what magic Willie Robertson and country music star Luke Bryan spreads with this funny Christmas song “Hairy Christmas.” You will be unable to control your laughter throughout the video. And Willie does a pretty good job behind a microphone.

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