Experts said this song was humanly impossible to sing until she nailed it!

Is there any singer that you truly admire? The ones I do are opera singers. I always wanted to be one although I never had the voice for it. Some of my friends thought that I was pretty close, though. I became interested in opera singers when I started listening to Pavarotti. He was probably the best opera singer that has ever lived, at least in my mind.

Opera singers come in all shapes and sizes, but Pavarotti embodied the classic opera singer stereotype. He was big and had an awesome voice to go with it. He started singing fairly young and did a lot of theater work. From then he started touring in opera shows and working with the best directors in the industry. He quickly climbed the ranks of opera royalty and stayed there for many years.

One of the things that made him very special is the fact that he was able to maintain the same quality of voice throughout his career. Opera singing can take a toll on a person’s vocal chords, but Pavarotti truly treated his voice like his most precious instrument. He would drink stuff that was only at a certain temperature and he was very picky about everything he ate and drank.

Many years later, I started listening to other opera singers and groups that really sounded great. One of them is Josh Groban. He is an American opera singer that became famous because he filled in for Andrea Bocelli when he was not able to attend a rehearsal. Josh was probably around 19 years old and looked very shy. So, no one thought he would be any good.

After that time, Celine Dion was so impressed that she invited him to open a few of her shows, and the rest is musical history. I also listened to other greats like the opera-pop group ‘Il Divo’. This group was assembled many years ago and it features tenors from various countries. All of them have a solid opera singing background and sing classic and contemporary songs.

After many years of listening to opera singers, I thought I had heard them all. That is until I listened to the woman in the following video. She is performing that song from the Fifth Element that sounds impossible to sing. I always thought that it had been done using computers but was surprised when I saw her singing it like it was a walk in the park. Astounding!