Explorer Interrupts Romance Between Animals. I Laughed Until I Cried At What Came Next.

There have been times when unfortunate timing leads to the interruption of an amorous moment. A roommate decides to come back home early, a parent knocks on a door… you get the idea. The annoyance and embarrassment don’t just extend to the human realm. Animals are just as capable of displaying displeasure about having a romantic interlude cut short. Like the one that’s the star of this hilarious video.

We see an explorer named Paul Rose who is walking around the Seychelle Islands. He’s keeping an eye open for any animals. After a little bit, he spots a female giant tortoise. She’s not alone, though, as a male slowly makes his way to her. It’s such a sweet moment… he reaches her and cranes his neck out almost as if to kiss her. Then they both realize that they are not alone… and the male heads over toward Rose, the interloper. Even tortoises hate peeping toms.

What follows is possibly the slowest chase scene in recorded history. Even horror movie serial killers like Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers pick up the pace more than this giant tortoise. It’s like a really elderly person on a walker yells at you from like 1,000 feet away and you have to wait until they get there. Rose is easily able to backpedal away from this tortoise, who is intent on saving his mate’s honor.

If Rose had fallen… well, the only similar scene I can think of would be from the first “Austin Powers” movie when a bad guy stands like a deer in headlights while Powers bears down on him with a steam roller… from 100 feet away. The guy, who could have easily run away, screams as Powers gets closer and closer and runs him over. Rose could have had some tea before that tortoise got near enough to bite.

That tortoise might have gotten me… I would have been sprawled on the floor laughing at his attempt at intimidation. How about you? What you have done? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Also, please “Like” us on Facebook.

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