Expressive Dance Studio Does The Impossible Earning Perfect Score

While seemingly impossible to attain, a perfect score is an ultimate goal for any performing group. The Expressenz Dance Studio is a group of talented teens from Indianapolis, Indiana, who did exactly that at the Starpower global talent competition. This remarkable showcase of devotion and dedication won them first place for their dance choreographed to “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.

As if animated instead of real, these teen dancers pulled off a series of moves in perfect synchronization. Rolling, flipping, twisting, and turning the hordes of girls danced in unison. Their routine wasn’t only impeccably timed, but the moves making up the show comprised some of the most technically astounding demonstrations of talent seen in this sequence from 2018.

The talented teen dancers from Expressenz Dance Center earned themselves a perfect score for a performance that was in the truest sense of the word, flawless. Karla and Lisa Curatolo developed the ideal choreography for “This Is Me,” while the girls each undoubtedly had to work very hard together to reach the level of precision shown here. Utterly amazing.