This is what that extra shoelace hole in your running shoes is for!

If you like to run, then you’ll agree with me that there’s no better feeling than going shopping for a new pair of running shoes. The only problem is that nowadays, getting a new pair of running shoes appears to be this scientific process we are supposed to go through. When you get to your sports specialty store, the salesmen ask you all sorts of questions.

I remember last time I went running-shoe shopping, I was asked if I was a pronator. Call me old-fashioned but I didn’t know what that was. You see, back in the day, people really didn’t have that many options. There was only a handful of running shoe manufacturers and they produced only one or two models per year. The way you would try them on was like any other shoe. You checked the fit, walked around in them and that was it.

Almost all of them were made from leather. People back then thought that running shoes made of anything different from leather were inferior quality. Today, all the running shoes you can get are made of synthetic materials. These materials give the shoes their lightweight feature. Plus, it also makes the fit a lot better. In my case, when I am looking for running shoes, I just check the fit, cushioning and shoelaces.

The shoelaces are there to provide you with support basically. They work with your shoe’s shoelace spacing and pattern to make the fit as personalized as possible. Most of us will look at the shoelace holes and not realize that there’s an extra one there. Have you seen it? You probably have. Have you used it? Probably not.

Well, did you know that there is an actual purpose for the extra shoelace hole? For people who have taken the time to learn about the actual use of this extra shoelace hole, it has been more than worth it. They have been able to save themselves a great deal of pain and countless blisters. If you are a young runner, chances are you already know what these are for. If you are a veteran runner like me, you might not.

If you have done long-distance running or run on a daily basis, you probably have experienced a lot of blisters. Most of us have accepted blisters as a regular occurrence. Well, thanks to the extra shoelace, these blisters will now be a thing of the past once and for all. These laces holes are often used to prevent blisters and this trick is known as the “heel lock”.

Tying the shoes in the proper manner will allow you to prevent blisters and to make your running routines a lot more enjoyable. If you would like to know how to do the heel lock, please click on the video to find out!