Keep Your Eye On The Dog When This Mom Tries To Take A Picture Of Her Daughter! LOL!

A home video from 25-years-ago has just surfaced that includes timeless footage everybody needs to see.

In the 18-second clip, mom and dad prepare to take a photograph of their little girl and family dog. But just before they snap the picture, the dog does something that has everyone, 25-years later, rolling on the floor laughing.

It’s just like any other photo.

Mom holds the camera and says, “Smile and say cheese.”

The little girl grins from the camera, but that’s not what’s hilarious about this clip.

It’s how the dog reacts that’s got everyone’s attention.

While the little girl has a big smile stuck to her face, mom asks if the dog is going to smile too.

He’s so excited. He has his paw in the air and is sitting up straight.

But when the dog actually shows off his pearly whites, mom can’t help but laugh.

Did you think it was possible for a dog to actually smile like this for the camera?

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