The SHOCKING Truth About Those Eye Glasses You Are Wearing Right Now. Outrageous!!

Watch This Video About Your Eyeglasses, And If You’re Not Angry, You Better Watch It Again

Have you ever thought about why eyeglasses are so expensive? They’re just plastic, right? So why is it that a pair of glasses, even non-prescription sunglasses, can cost more than a cell phone or a television? This video reveals the SHOCKING truth. I guarantee you, it will make you angry.

See, 80% of glasses and sunglasses brands are owned by one company, Luxottica. Never heard of them? Me either! But if you’ve heard of Prada, Oakley, or Ray Ban, well then, you’ve heard of Luxottica. They own them all!

By controlling over 80% of all eyeglass companies, Luxottica has a virtual monopoly over the industry and can charge whatever they want. Sometimes this price is 20 times more than what the glasses actually cost to produce.

Same Eye Glasses, Different Pricing

Let’s look at Ray Ban as another example. They used to be mass market sunglasses priced right for everyone to wear. In 1999, that changed when Luxottica bought the brand and raised the price to over $150 a pair, but didn’t change anything else about them. They were still the SAME sun glasses. They quintupled the price! That’s five times more!

In fact seventy percent of Luxottica’s brands come from the same factory and just have a name stamped on them before distribution!  The only difference is the label!

In addition to owning 80% of the major eyewear brands, they also own most of the major eyeglass stores, such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Sears Optical, and Sunglass Hut… You know these places!

Luxottica ALSO owns the second largest eye insurance company in the United States. This means it’s possible for your optometrist, insurance company, eyeglass factory, and the store that sells you the glasses to all be owned by the same company!

Watch this very short (and entertaining) video below… but fair warning: It’s going to have you seeing red when you learn just how rigged everything really is.

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