Eye-popping wood carving in seven minutes

This talented wood sculptor displayed his incredible skills with a wood carving from ‘Attack on Titan.’

A master woodcarver in Vietnam created a jaw-dropping display with his sculpture of an iconic scene from the hit anime show, ‘Attack on Titan.’

Starting with a large block of rough wood, the skilled artist cut down significant portions before using chisels and fine blades to sculpt the details.

Working over a period of two months, he first drew the design and then cut away at the lines, continually drawing and carving as the image came into shape.

The entire project was expertly filmed throughout the process and displayed as a dynamic seven-minute time-lapse video.

It was clear from the beginning to the end of the project that this artist loves what he is doing – and he created an eye-popping sculpture that people will be talking about for years.

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Eye-popping wood carving in seven minutes