Fabulous makeup techniques to make eyes more youthful

Look Fabulous Forever is a makeup line specifically for older women. This video features the founder of the company, Tricia Cusden, as she explains how to overcome hooded eyes with makeup.

As women age, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner and starts to rest on top of the eyelid. This is called having a “hooded” eye which causes the eye to be less defined.

Hooded eyes are not a problem, but many women use makeup to reduce the appearance of the hooded eye. These makeup techniques often make the eyes look larger and more youthful.

Mary is 54 years old and serves as the model in this video. Her eyes were always slightly hooded, but she noticed the issue getting worse as she got older and the skin became looser.

Linda is the Look Fabulous Forever makeup artist demonstrating the proper techniques to reduce the appearance of Mary’s hooded eyes. She uses several different products for the gorgeous final result.

First, Linda applies primer to the eyelid to remove discoloration and enhance even application. Small touches like shimmer on the inner eye, dark shadow in the crease, and blending all create the illusion of an eye socket on Mary’s eye.

The final look is a semi-smokey eye with no hard edges or harsh lines. The blended look creates a shadow under the brow and makes Mary’s eyes look bigger, prettier, and less hooded.

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Fabulous makeup techniques to make eyes more youthful