A Fair Judge Gives This Cruel Dog Abuser The Best Sentence For Her Crime

There’s a judge in Painesville, Ohio, who applies the law in a way that has never been seen before. When he gives a sentence to a convicted criminal in the courtroom that he heads, he sometimes makes strange or unorthodox decisions when it comes to the penalty itself. His motivation is that justice isn’t just some bureaucratic procedure, but something that must help people become better and reform themselves. So, he chooses to give sentences that fit their crime in the most unusual and unique ways. This doesn’t make him the most popular judge, but it sure does make him the most well-known.

The video below shows us a pretty good example of what this very righteous judge is capable of, and it’s not exactly a pretty sight. This man likes to make sure criminals feel that they have done something wrong, and he will stop at nothing to get that result.  A woman charged for animal cruelty can be seen receiving a sentence from him, and the sentence is just perfect. It’s almost as if he wants this woman to feel the same pain and dejection her poor dog did.

The woman is named Alysa Morrow, and she pleaded guilty for her crime right away. She was accused of animal neglect after she left her dog Moose alone in her house for an entire week without any supervision. When the dog was found, he was starving and completely covered in filth. Thankfully, the judge gave her a sentence that will certainly teach her a lesson!

Watch this whole story in the video right below.

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