Family adopted a 20 year-old cat but never imagined how much love he had left to give

When he landed at the animal shelter, Dexter was already 20 years old, downright ancient for a cat. A family came to the shelter with the intention of getting an adorable little kitten. That’s what most people who go out to adopt a cat have in mind. And who doesn’t love a kitten? However, this does mean that older cats have a harder time finding a forever home.

Dexter was a charming old fellow and he won the family’s heart. They figured such a swell oldster deserved to spend his remaining time in a loving home so they ended up coming home with toothless 20 year-old Dexter rather than a kitten.

What the family wasn’t counting on was just how much love the old guy still had in him. He got along wonderfully with the humans, especially one of the kids; in fact, the kid insisted on feeding and caring for his new best friend! Dexter would spend hours nuzzled against one of his humans, purring away contentedly. Amazingly, he got along with the dogs, too, and they took a protective attitude toward him. Of course Dexter wouldn’t have been a cat if he wasn’t at least a little obstreperous and inclined to be the lord of the manor. He loudly demanded food every morning at 4:30 and would keep it up with his grumpy-sounding meowing until he got what he wanted.

Dexter showered everyone with unconditional love for longer than might have been expected. He lived two more happy and fulfilling years with the family. “We will never forget the love and happiness he gave in his very short time with our family. Rest in peace, Dexter.” His humans made a really touching video tribute to their unexpected but incredible adoptee and we’ve posted it for you below.

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