Family adopts 20 year-old cat, amazed by how much love he still had in him

When most people go to the shelter to adopt a cat, they usually have a cute little kitten in mind. And after all, why not? Unfortunately this means that older cats usually have a very long wait for a forever home. That certainly how it was looking for a cat named Dexter. When he was brought to a shelter, he was 20 years old.

A kitten is exactly what one family had in mind when they came to the shelter. At least that’s what they thought they wanted, but then they met Dexter. The old guy was so charming that he was able to win their hearts: how could such a swell senior not get a chance to spend his remaining time in a loving home? That’s how they came home with a toothless 20 year-old instead of a kitten.

Dexter had a big surprise for his new human family: just how much love he still had in him. He got along splendidly with everyone and formed a special bond with one of the kids. That kid actually insisted on being in charge of caring for his new feline friend! Dexter delighted in spending hours curled up next to his new humans, purring away contentedly. The old fellow even got along with the family dogs, to the point that they assumed a protective attitude toward him. Being a cat, Dexter couldn’t help but be just a little bit imperious. Every morning at 4:30 he’d demand food, letting loose with his loud, grumpy meowing until he was obeyed.

The other surprise was how long the family got to enjoy Dexter’s love. Although already ancient when they adopted him, the old fellow was with them for two more happy and fulfilling years. “We will never forget the love and happiness he gave in his very short time with our family. Rest in peace, Dexter.”

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