This Family Is Having A Blast! When You See How Their Pup Relaxes, You’ll Crack Up!

Summers are amazing! The heat infects you with its laziness inducing power and you just drag yourself around in a sluggish daze. Enjoying your vacation is all great and good, but sometimes this haze can become unbearable and when this happens, your best bet is to get refreshed quickly! All of us can probably remember when our parents busted out the kiddy pool for a quick dip! This is exactly the situation in the video below, with an adorable twist!

If your family had dogs, summer time is also a time to bask in their company and this includes being able to take yard showers with your four legged friends. The clip below shows us an idyllic family picture, with the kids enjoying the kiddy pool and a happy mom recording the moment. However the twist comes a few seconds into the video, mom pans to the side you get to see the real king of the pool. This adorable pug is just enjoying a very relaxed time, cooling off in his own pool!

His heavy breathing and snores are hilarious and at one point the little kid tries to imitate him, all in all, this happy family is enjoying a grand time!

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