Family Bluegrass Band Takes You to the Ozarks with ‘Thunder Ridge’

Ah, the melodies and rhythms of ‘Thunder Ridge’ played live by The Petersens transport us back to the verdant hills of the Ozarks, a special place etched in their hearts. The way the song unraveled showcased not just their collective musical prowess but the depths of their connection with the music and with each other. This Emmett Franz original, named after the scenic “Thunder Ridge,” vividly brings to life the aura of that tranquil Ozarkian spot.

Emmett Franz, wielding his dobro with masterful finesse, led the ensemble. We could feel the strings vibrate in harmony with our very heartbeats. As the beat progressed, Ellen strummed away on the ‘Pink Lady’ banjo, and it wasn’t long before our feet were tapping along, perhaps even in sync with Baby Banjo. You could sense the sheer delight as Katie caressed the strings of her fiddle, affectionately called “Moses.” Such was the magnetism of their performance; it was as though they were pulling us, inviting us, into their musical fold.

It’s no exaggeration to say that every string was aflame with energy. Matt’s fingers danced on his favored Collings guitar, while Julianne provided a rhythmic undercurrent with her mandolin chops. The synergy of the instruments – the banjo, fiddle, dobro, mandolin, and guitar – created an immersive soundscape, making us feel as though we were right there, surrounded by the lush Ozarkian foliage.

Yet, as we reveled in this musical journey, an unexpected twist awaited. Just as we were thoroughly engrossed, the heavens (or in this case, the sprinklers) decided it was time for a shower. As the water droplets descended, there was a scurry, a comedic urgency to save the instruments. The sight of Katie dashing to protect her beloved fiddle, or Ellen’s sudden realization about the recording equipment, brought a chuckle to our lips. For it’s these raw, unscripted moments that make live recordings like ‘Thunder Ridge’ so magical. Music, after all, isn’t just about perfection; it’s about capturing moments, and this one was delightfully real.

While reminiscing about ‘Thunder Ridge,’ you might find your fingers itching to play it once more, to dive back into that world of melodious tranquility and mischievous sprinklers. So, if you haven’t yet, treat yourself to the vibrant spectacle that is The Petersens’ ‘Thunder Ridge’ live session. And because we all cherish unforgettable musical moments, don’t forget to share the magic with your fellow music enthusiasts. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive the thrill of this Ozark-inspired instrumental adventure?

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Family Bluegrass Band Takes You to the Ozarks with \'Thunder Ridge\'