Family Cat Absolutely Loves His New Baby Brother!

Some people worry that cats and babies do not mix. Many cat lovers end up giving away their cats once a new baby arrives, thinking that their cat will give their baby some sort of allergies. The good news is that medical professionals now believe that this information is incorrect and that it is perfectly fine for cats and babies to be around one another.

In fact, the earlier you expose a baby to a cat, the less likely they will be to have allergies. Of course, this cat in this video is making darn sure that this darling little baby has no allergies whatsoever.

This cat loves this new baby. This cat is by the baby’s side at all times, not matter what. This cat feels that this baby is his own baby and that he and the baby are the best of friends. If the baby is in a parent’s lap, so is the cat.

If the baby is lying down for a nap in a swing or bed, the baby is right by his side. There is no single word that can describe the sweetness that is this cat and her baby, but we can assure you that they are just the most darling little things we’ve ever seen.

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