A family couldn’t figure out why their grandma was sick. Then, they learn it was the dog!

Have you ever gotten sick out of the blue without knowing what might have caused it? That happened to me a while ago. I remember I would start coughing out of the blue. At times, the temperature was not that cold. I would be hanging out at home or even outside when I started to cough. I saw several doctors and they would usually dismiss it as some sort of viral cold.

Other times, they would say that I had the flu. I would get medication in both cases and take it by the book, but it mostly was not doing anything for me. The symptoms got better but I didn’t get completely healthy. Apparently, the problem was that the virus or bacteria that I had at the time was not eradicated by the medication. So, I remained sick and went to the doctor a few times before I got better.

Some people have even worse problems. In my case, it was an infection that I needed long-term treated for. In their case, it can be a serious condition that can even jeopardize their lives, and most importantly without even knowing what is causing it. Without knowing this, they can be putting themselves in danger on a daily basis.

Having a serious condition normally comes with other psychological or mental issues like depression. When a person has a serious condition, the possibility of passing away is something that haunts them. One of my aunts was getting sick all the time. Apparently, it had something to do with her kidneys. Doctors were puzzled as to what was causing kidney failure.

She had several tests done on her until they found the answer. But before they did, she spent a good couple of years wondering what was happening. This took a big toll on her and the entire family. For everyone it was as if she would pass any day, we just didn’t know when.

Now, can grief really cause medical problems? Can someone actually die from depression? The grandmother in the following video had quite the scare after a devastating loss put her in the hospital. Her case baffled doctors at first, but their last diagnosis made everyone consider the chance of dying from a broken heart.

He name is Joanie Simpson and she is 62 years old. She had a lot of pets that she loved dearly. Her family mentioned that the pet she had the most love for was her Yorkie, Meja. Unfortunately, Meja passed from congestive heart failure. After only four days this happened, she was admitted to the hospital. She had been complaining of chest pains and difficulty catching her breath. All symptoms indicated she was experiencing a massive heart attack.

But what was happening? Why was she in this way? Please click on the video to find out.