Adorable Rescued Calf Thinks He Is One Of The Family Dogs

There are a lot of unusual pets out there. People become pet parents to anything from hedgehogs to Bengal Tigers. How about a cow? Well, a cow wouldn’t be unusual if you were a farmer; you’d probably have a lot of them hanging around outside. But what if you had one in your backyard or your own home? That would qualify as unusual, right?

Take a look at this video of one such cow and his family. This family has Goliath, a baby cow who has bonded with a Great Dane. How much so? He’s tried to nurse off the dog. Yeah. That’s not how it works, and it’s really not helping the case for a cow’s intelligence level. He seems sweet, though, and he even wound up on their sofa one night when they left the back door open.


Important message: Don’t leave your back door open if you have a cow outside. The strangest sight of all is Goliath eating dog food. Yes, a cow eating dog food. I have no idea what it does to his system or if his mommy or daddy took him to a vet first to make sure that eating this kind of food is good for him. It’s one of the most incongruous sights I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Well, besides the sofa part, that is.

Seriously, though, it’s great that they have Goliath. I wonder what will happen when he becomes full-grown and a true Goliath. Probably buy a sturdier sofa. How would you react if you came downstairs and found a cow on your sofa? Don’t miss this cow with an identity crisis in the video below.

Adorable Rescued Calf Thinks He Is One Of The Family Dogs