Family Has Their Credit Card Declined At Store. I Was Stunned At What Happened Next.

Working a cashier’s job can be a thankless lot. It often involves the boredom of ringing up items over and over for the duration of a shift. Add the fact that most people are either glued to their cell phones or just plain sullen, and it’s hard not to feel defeated each night. There was one night that a cashier at a Target in Oregon named Deborah Durall was just feeling really down and needed a pick-me-up. In the next several minutes, she would get a lot more than she asked for.

There was a family who was buying groceries, but their credit card was declined. The bill came out to over $160. What could be done? Well, a stranger took note of their plight and decided to pay their bill. That shocked Durall, who made sure the woman knew how much she was paying. She did… and then she slipped out of the store after making the payment. This understandably surprised the family when they were informed that their debt had been paid.

That’s not the end of the story, though. The father of that family did have a $20 bill and he said to use it on the people who came behind them for a purchase. Those lucky beneficiaries were two teenagers… who defied their reputation for being a self-absorbed lot. They passed it on. So this formerly despondent cashier had all the pick-me-ups she needed and she went home that night happy.

She was so happy that she posted the whole story on Target’s Facebook page and it got over 250,000 likes in a very short amount of time. Sometimes it just helps to pay it forward. You never know how many lives you will touch if you do that. The amazing thing is that the stranger went home that night not knowing the aftermath. It would be really cool if she ever wound up looking at the Target Facebook page.

I used to work retail and I wish I saw an event like this happen at my store. How about you? Do you have any retail stories with a happy ending like this? Please leave a comment for us below!

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