This family decided to adopt a 20-year-old cat. They immediately fell in love

We often feel compelled when adopting a new pet to look for a young one, usually a kitten or a puppy. The reasons are simple. We want to be with our pets for their entire lives. We feel drawn to how insanely cute these animals are in their first years of life, and to be frank, we want a long relationship with our pets.

When the Williams family went to adopt a cat, this is exactly what they had in mind. They were expecting to find a kitten that would be a member of the family for a very long time, but when they arrived they were incredibly surprised by how attached they felt to Dexter, a 20-year-old cat with missing teeth. The kids immediately loved him.

They knew when they adopted Dexter that he was an elderly cat and may not be with them for very long, but they also knew that they would love Dexter as much, if not more, than if they had taken care of him his entire life.

The family fell in love with this elderly cat far more than they ever could have expected, and they had two wonderful and beautiful years with him. In tribute to those two years filled with warmth and love, they made this video. If you felt as touched by this beautiful story as we were, then be sure to share this incredible tribute with family and friends.