Family dog began barking next to baby – the reason why will shock you!

Papillion was like many dogs when a new baby comes along – he got very jealous. He was no longer the centre of attention being the middle child in the family! So, he did what dogs can sometimes do – he kicked up a fuss. He was chewing things, biting things and gnawing on things. At one point he even ate the sofa! His behaviour was becoming so unruly that the family thought they had no choice but to put him up for adoption.

That was until the fateful day back in 1993 when Papillion saved the new baby’s life. Mindi, from Ohio, had just put her newborn down to sleep and was in the process of taking a shower before having a nap herself. Little did she realise that Papillion was about to come good.

The pooch started barking and yapping loudly close to the baby’s crib. At first, Mindi believed he was doing what he always did – make a racket – so she thought nothing more of it. But after a while of this relentless barking, Mindi decided to intervein – because at the very least Papillion was going to wake the baby! The dog was once again being a little nuisance!

It couldn’t be further from the truth. When Mindi arrived in the baby’s room, she found Papillion turning circles and jumping up onto the edge of the cot – clearly trying to tell her something. It was then she noticed her daughter’s lips had turned blue and she was not breathing. Mindi wasted little time in calling the emergency services and administering the first aid techniques if a baby is choking. Thankfully, her intervention worked, and some food was dislodged in her child’s throat.

Her daughter was given the all clear after a visit to the paediatrician, and she managed to recover from the ordeal and is clearly enjoying life as you can see in the video below. But it is Papillion here who deserves the most praise – as Mindi and her husband recognise that had he not been there to warn them – they would surely have lost their precious baby girl.

Needless to say, Papillion is a hero – and the family have no intention of putting him up for adoption now! And where once this little baby girl might have been Papillion’s nemesis – now they are inseparable, with the faithful dog always looking out for her. Hopefully, he’s stopped chewing the sofa too!