Family dog ditches doggy daycare and runs all the way home

Leaving your pet when you are on vacation is challenging for any person. However, pet owners make sure that they leave their fur babies with people they can trust. Sarah and Jeremy Henson did precisely the same thing.

The couple had decided to go on a week-long vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. Since they could not take their pet dog, Dexter, with them, they found him a local doggy daycare that would take care of him.

Jeremy dropped Dexter at the doggy daycare and set up the latest security system to secure the house. After that, everything was going as planned, and they were enjoying their holiday as they wanted.

However, on day-3 of their vacation, the couple got a notification on their phone. It said that someone was knocking at their front door in Kansas. When Sarah and Jeremy checked the phone, they saw Dexter ringing the doorbell.

They were surprised to find him at the front door as Jeremy had dropped him off at the daycare, and he was supposed to stay there for 5 days. However, the poor pooch was so homesick that he escaped the daycare and was now knocking on the front door.

Dexter got over a 6-foot fence at the doggy daycare at Lenexa, KS, and got straight to the busy 87th Street. He took a left turn, then went to Rose Hill and then into the residential area. 90 minutes and 2 miles later, the lonesome dog reached his home and rang the home doorbell.

It was a miracle that the pooch had reached home safely. First, the couple tried to calm the dog by talking to him. Then, the owners called the doggy daycare and informed them about the dog’s location. Finally, Jeremy was asked by an interviewer whether he was astonished that his pet could do this. He replied that he was not surprised as Dexter was an intelligent dog.

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