This Family Dog Plays With This Little Boy And Their Parents Catch The Whole Scene On Film

As a pet parent, bringing home a newborn baby from the hospital can be nerve-wracking business. You want everybody to get along, but you never know how your pet will respond to somebody new being in the house, especially if your pet is the jealous or territorial type. With safety being your biggest priority, you cross your fingers and hope for the best, wishing for an inseparable friendship between your baby and your pet.

Sometimes, your pet might even become infatuated with the new addition to the family and never want to leave your baby’s side. Your household becomes filled with an abundance of playdates, and you get to watch the formation of a beautiful friendship. That’s exactly what happened with Pumpkin and his little brother! Pumpkin, a playful Shetland sheepdog, is crazy about his new sibling and plays with him whenever he gets the chance, keeping the baby entertained for hours on end during the afternoon. They seem to have the cutest playdates ever! Can I come?

What’s this dynamic duo’s favorite game to play? Tag! Pumpkin will race around the family’s coffee table in circles, being chased by his determined little brother. As if this isn’t adorable enough, just wait until you see the reaction this baby has to Pumpkin’s excitement in the middle of their game! They never get tired of chasing each other around the house, and the adorability factor makes everyone a winner.

It’s so cute that these two sweeties can always count on each other for a good time. There’s never a dull moment in this blooming friendship! Watch the video to see this precious interaction really pick up in the heat of the moment. Their happiness is contagious! Share the cuteness with your friends and let us know what you think in the comments!

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