This Family Dog Saved A 14-Moth Toddler From Drowning! You Won’t Believe This Amazing Story!

Toddlers are adorable and extremely curious, this can be a treat for parents however there is inherent danger. Toddler are able to explore the world with more freedom Mom and Dad have to be extra careful, because sometimes a minute is all it takes for a kid to walk into a potentially fatal situation. This is what happened to Stanley a 14-month old toddler that almost drowned. Stanley’s mom, Patricia Drauch, went on the news to talk about how their amazing family dog prevented tragedy from striking at her home!

Mom was walking towards her garage, when she suddenly realized that Stanley, wasn’t following beside her. Immediately, she panicked and sprinted towards the backyard. To her absolute horror, Stanley had fallen into the pool. However, as Patricia observed more closely, she realized that Stanley wasn’t floating in the water on his own. Instead, Bear, the family dog, was balancing his baby brother on his back so he couldn’t sink any further, refusing to move until Mom reached and rescued baby Stanley. Their loyal black Lab had jumped into the water behind the toddler and prevented Stanley from drowning!

Please check out the amazing video below, we are all impressed by Bear’s presence of mind, and this family will never forget the day he saved Stanley’s life!

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