Family Dog Sees Baby Standing In Door Harness. What Happens Next? SO CUTE.

I’m always a sucker for a video of a dog interacting with a baby. I don’t care the circumstances – well, obviously, safety comes first, no dangerous videos. These pooches always seem to do the funniest things with the little tykes. Most of the time the dogs are like little children themselves when they interact. There’s so much exuberance. They run, lick, and in this case of Daykota and Alexis, jump… a lot.

We see Alexis, who is a baby not quite able to walk, standing in a doorway in one of those harnesses that allow her to bounce up and down. Daykota comes over and she doesn’t want the baby to bounce up and down. No way. Bouncing is for babies. She wants her to JUMP. Perhaps she even wants her to do this at an Olympic level. She keeps trying to demonstrate the proper form. It’s hilarious to see her jumping like a pogo stick at times.

Daykota is so patient. Maybe she sees Alexis as a puppy for her to teach. She keeps going over to the baby and demonstrating her jumping form. “No… no… you’re so close. You need to bend your knees more. More. More than that. Watch me. Sigh. I need a drink of water from my bowl.” She’s an enthusiastic cheerleader. This is definitely a video that Alexis’ mommy or daddy need to show her years from now, when she’s older.

We don’t see any progress by Alexis as the video goes on, but that’s not deterring Daykota. She keeps it up throughout the whole time. Maybe some of that will rub off on the baby subconsciously and come to the forefront later in her life. “Gee… I had a dream of a dog that kept encouraging me to jump. So I got my work ethic from that, I guess.” Alexis is lucky to have a friend like Daykota.

Wasn’t Daykota the best dog you’ve ever seen? Her strong spirit shone through like a beacon. What did you think? Please leave us a comment!

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