Family Dogs Caringly Love Babies And It’s Amazingly Heartwarming!

Kids add a certain light into a household. Once they enter your life things are never the same. It doesn’t take long before you can’t remember what it was like without them. It’s fairly certain that the family dog feels the same exact way about a newborn. Now, there have been tales of dogs not getting along right away with a new family addition, but that’s out of protection for its family. Most of the time it is quite harmless and the dog settles in quickly.

The fact is that most dogs would never do a baby any harm at all.  They usually quickly turn into forever friends that turn to each other for playtime and for support in sadness. All dogs will immediately begin to feel a sense of loyalty to the child the second he or she enters the house.

This video includes the perfect examples of what dogs do, and how they act, around infants. They will protect them and also make sure that their little human friend is comfy, busy, and is never lonely. One of the most “awwwww” inspiring scenes in this video is when the dog tries to cuddle up to the little boy with Down Syndrome. So heartwarming.

I think this video montage is the perfect example of all the things that your furry pet will do to keep your little one safe and sound. One of the dogs puts a paw over the newborn to ensure that nothing “gets” her when she notices an unfamiliar sound coming from around the house! You’ll love the way the parents react.

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