Family gathers for Christmas photo until one girl backs away and sees it’s a set up!

Christmas is a wonderful time, isn’t it? Gathering the family around, decorating the tree, wrapping presents and hanging stockings. Then there’s the wonderful turkey dinner to look forward to, pulling a few crackers, having a few glasses of wine, arguing over a board game and then falling asleep sometime early in the afternoon because the kids woke you up by jumping on your bed at 5 am. Delightful.

And isn’t it extra special when you have a big family and lots of friends over? What an amazing time that is with all the people you care about under one roof, enjoying the festive period and taking hilarious group photos. Lots and lots of photos! That’s exactly what Tyne Owen decided to do when he gathered together with his girlfriend Jamie’s family for their Christmas party. But he had a trick up his sleeve for this particular snap!

Family and friends are arranged for a traditional Christmas day portrait, and everyone has a letter printed on their T-shirt to read Merry X-mas. How fun and incredibly original! Except this time it’s a little different, as Tyne has cleverly figured out you only need to switch two letters and cover two more to change the meaning of the message entirely – and the result has taken the internet by storm!

Viewed over 11 million times (most likely by jealous girlfriends or guys looking for an amazing idea) Tyne’s proposal has gone viral, not least because of the reaction from Jamie when she checks the pic in the digital camera. It takes her a few seconds to register what the message now reads, and then turns to discover Tyne on one knee with the ring ready. Gentlemen – we hope you’re paying attention!

Unbeknownst to Jamie while she was smiling for the photo, two letters were swapped behind her, and still grinning from ear to ear, she was blissfully unaware of what had happened until she looked at the result. Then she totally loses it!

Don’t miss this amazing Christmas moment in the video below and make sure to share with your family and friends. It’s certainly one of the best proposals you’re ever likely to see thanks to the help of the friends and family. What a wonderful memento of the occasion too. Outstanding effort Tyne – and many congratulations to the happy couple. So long as Jamie has finally stopped crying!