This Family Was Going To The Zoo When One Of The Kids Mistakes A Word! His Reaction Is Incredible!

Children have an innate ability for logical word play; their innocence and naivety are instrumental for this ability. Kids also happen to be absurdly cute and endearing; able to melt even the most bitter of hears with their attitude and energy! The following video is an example of this!

3-year-old boy named Austin, felt like his life was threatened on a recent trip to the zoo.

Austin and his sister sit in the backseat while Mom drives the car. Mom turns on her TomTom GPS for voice navigation. Everything seems fine when the GPS suddenly tells Mom to “bear right.” Now, this typically means that there is road split ahead, and Mom should take the right-hand lane, but to little Austin, it didn’t quite have that meaning.

Instead, this little boy began to panic. He took the meaning literally, and he felt like his life was in danger as the family was headed towards the zoo that day. To make matters worse, little Austin realizes he’s sitting on the right side of the car. “Bear right” means a bear is coming from the right side, which means Austin is in danger!

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