Family Lines Up With Their Horse For A Very Special Reason

Chrissy is not an average horse that you would see every day. While other horses enjoy riding with their friends, pulling on carts, or enjoying the peace and quiet of a grass field, Chrissy is making her dream of being the best dancing horse a reality! Wait, best dancing horse? Don’t you mean ‘only’ dancing horse? Well, maybe not only, but she is certainly talented. She’s a horse that began her line dancing career with her family. People have accused her of having an unfair advantage, and when you see her for yourself in the video below, you’ll know exactly why.

Other line dancing competitors in their home country of Australia have rejected her presence at the competitions, but the spectators themselves have completely fallen in love with the talented and charismatic horse. She’s not the only horse that practices this dance, but she’s certainly one of the best, and has been decorated with medal after medal every single time, proving she is truly a talented dancing horse who is at the top of her career.

She travels around the country with her whole family to compete in these dancing shows, and she has the happiest life now thanks to them. It’s always nice to see animals that are happy and healthy, and receive everything that they could ever need. With a supporting family like that, Chrissy surely is in the best hands.

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