Family Moved And Left Dog Behind To Starve. This Lady Vet Sued Them For Custody – And Won!

A family moved from their house to a new apartment and it didn’t allow dogs there. Rather than do the responsible thing and take their dog to a shelter, they just left her in a yard by herself, to starve. Excuse me, the vein in my forehead just started throbbing again… OK. I’m better now. While the early circumstances of this video bothered me, the end had me so happy.

The video starts off with the vet with the emaciated dog at the Vet Ranch. She explains what happened to her and then started mapping out a plan. First was her getting water and food. Then she got a bath to make her feel clean. It was sad to see the ribs sticking out of this poor thing. Even through all her suffering, she seemed so sweet and docile. It was a good beginning: She was on her way.

Then the video cut to the vet having to go to court to get custody of the dog from the owner. They didn’t show the owner’s face – not even a blurred one. That was actually good because I wouldn’t have wanted to buy a new laptop after punching the screen when I saw the callous, cruel owner. They got custody and the owner even later admitted to abandoning the dog. But.. the Vet Ranch got the dog.

By the time it ended, it had jumped two months and this formerly skinny dog had gained back almost all her weight. She looked healthy, and most important, happy. The Vet Ranch was getting ready to put her up for adoption. This time, she will get a forever home with parents who will not abandon her at the drop of a hat. I just wish that the first family could have more justice dropped on them. What they did was not right at all. I hope they never get another dog.

I was nearly crying by the end of this. How about you? Leave a comment below!

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