Family of Bears Gleefully Enjoy Themselves Children’s Playground

It’s not abnormal for someone to have security cameras on their home. People do this to keep their family and belongings safe from intruders or to keep an eye on their front and back yard. What a family in North Carolina found on their footage made their jaws fall to the floor.

The Asheville resident caught a stunning video of a massive mama bear and her five cubs playing in their backyard. Not only were they having a great time, but the furry creatures were also using the resident’s swing set just like humans do.

The mother bear stayed in the background, making sure her kiddos had a great time. The adorable cubs were exploring the swingset from top to bottom. Thankfully, no humans were outside when any of this was occurring.

Bears are naturally explorative creatures, and these precious cubs couldn’t have been more curious. Watching them tumbling down the slide will instantly bring a smile to your face. We hope these gleeful animals keep their inquisitive nature for years to come.