Family of singers give you ‘10,000 Reasons’ to feel loved

‘10,000 Reasons’ is a gospel classic that perfectly conveys the desire that a Christian has to praise God and the joy that comes with praising Him.

This amazing rendition of ‘10,000 Reasons’ will ignite your desire to fall into worship and you might find yourself lifting your arms and your voice in praise. The emotion behind each lyric pushes you to call out to the Lord, stirring up praise in your spirit and melodies of worship and reverence in your heart.

Clips like this one are the perfect way to start and end a beautiful day with the Lord. After all, the joy that a Christian has in Christ is what sparks the desire to abide in Him.

What better way is there to express your commitment to Jesus than to lift up your hands in total surrender and praise? This performance by this beautiful family will inspire you to seek your joy, satisfaction, and edification in Christ and in Christ alone.

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Family of singers give you \'10,000 Reasons’ to feel loved