Family Pays Christmas Tribute to Troops and Veterans with this Fantastic Display

This patriotic display has over 10,000 lights set to music by the American Patriots was created to honor our men and women in uniform. It is an awesome tribute to our amazing troops and wonderful veterans.

The patriotic songs playing in the background add to the magnificence of the display.

The house is completely decorated in red, white, and blue Christmas lights. And when they turn on the music, it was a perfect salute to those who have served this great nation with the American flag shining above all else.

Not only is this light show impressive to look at, but it should fill the hearts of all Americans with pride as they gaze upon this fantastic view. The Christmas lights are coordinated to change colors in complete sync with the patriotic tunes that play throughout this fantastic little video.

The display starts with “Proud to Be an American,” but it immediately transforms into selections from “The Army Goes Rolling Along,” “The Marine Corps Hymn,” “Anchors Aweigh,” and “Wild Blue Yonder,” before ending back up with “Proud to Be an American.”

Christmas is right on our doorstep, and I am sure a lot of you are getting involved in lights and decorations. Take a breather and watch this incredible display! This Christmas lighting is one of the best I have ever seen! It is jaw-dropping to look at, and it also fills your heart with pride for being an American. I am sure a lot of thought went into making this.

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Family Pays Christmas Tribute to Troops and Veterans with this Fantastic Display