This Wily Creature Sneaks Into This Family’s House – Because He Wanted A Nap

Can you imagine being ready to go to bed and realizing that you have an uninvited guest in the house? Not a burglar – this is the four-legged kind of guest. Well, you’d have to hope that it was the small-animal type, since realizing that a bear was in the house would probably lead to climbing out a window. Fortunately, the family that wound up calling Animal Aid for help had only tiny little critter for them to deal with.

Simon Cowell – NOT the American Idol/X Factor judge, gets a call and goes to a house. This time the problem is that a fox cub has somehow gotten into the house and wants to sleep there. The family that lives there really doesn’t want to have that happen, even though it’s as cute as a button.


Cowell goes into the room, shutting the door behind him as he sets up a crate. Now It’s all about getting the cub into the crate. After a little bit of a chase, Cowell is able to get the grasper around the cub’s neck and then lift him into the crate, which he has tilted upward to allow him to just dump the cub in. Success.

The best part is at the end when Cowell takes the crate out to the back yard to release the cub – and he doesn’t want to leave. In fact, the first time that he tips him out, the cub turns around and runs BACK into the crate. He is able to get him to scamper away the second time.

Wildlife Aid explained on the YouTube comments section that Cowell could have used gloves to try to pick up the fox cub, but that would have probably caused him to pee and poop all over the room, so using the grasper was better. He didn’t want to leave the family with a mess, after all. This man thinks through all his options before doing anything, for sure. Now the cub is back with his mommy.

This Wily Creature Sneaks Into This Family\'s House – Because He Wanted A Nap