Family Spots And Films A Big Moose In Their Backyard. Watch His Antlers Very Closely

Moose should definitely be high on your list of animals that you never mess with. At first glance, it might seem that moose are placid vegetarians like deer, spending their days calmly munching on shrubs, moss, and other plants. And actually, that does describe a normal day in the life of a moose. But if a moose gets angry or feels itself to be in danger, watch out! Males, in particular, can be very territorial and aggressive, especially during mating season. If you encounter a moose, you’ll want to avoid looking it in the eye, stomping your feet, or making noise. Instead, quietly back off to safety. You don’t want to be chased by a 1,700 pound animal with huge antlers that can run at 35 miles per hour.

When you think of moose, you usually picture antlers. And why not? A bull moose’s giant paddle racks are nothing if not impressive. During mating season, they’re used to attract lady moose and ward off younger rivals. In fact, if a bull moose has a big enough spread of antler, a lesser bull may run away rather than start a fight he can’t win.

So you might think that if a bull moose’s antlers fell off that would be pretty much the end of the world for him. In fact, it’s perfectly normal and happens every year. After mating season, a bull moose’s antlers will simply fall off. They start to re-grow in the spring, and after 3 to 5 months, Mr. Moose will have a nice, new paddle rack.

It’s not often you get to see a moose’s antler fall off, but a family who live near Laramie, Wyoming managed to capture video of it. A moose was looking around for food near their house. He stopped, looked around, shook his head, and plop!, an antler landed in the snow. We’ve posted their video below. You’ll also learn some interesting moose facts when you watch it.

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