Family Surprises Three Foster Kids With Adoption On Christmas

When we are children, we stridently tell our parents to stay out of our rooms, to mind their own business, and that we are fine, even if we are not. We go from toddlers who fill our mommy and daddy with kisses just because, to teens who just want to be left alone, or at least that’s the front we put forward. We may get older, but we’re always kids at heart, and that means that at the end of the day, there’s no love that can replace the love of mom and dad.

So just take a minute to think about the fact that there are currently 397,122 children in foster care. Nearly 32% of these kids will have to wait at least three years to be adopted, while many of them may never be. Once a child reaches a certain age, chances of him or her being adopted drop even further.

So, when the Perks family handed their foster son a small gift box on Christmas Day, it wasn’t just a nice gesture. They were giving a little boy the greatest gift they could. A family.

Dad hands his little guy the box with the official papers that say he and his two younger siblings (who are a little too young to know what’s going on) are adopted. The little boy runs up to dad and gives him the purest, longest hug. Then he does the same for mom.

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