Family trades a 5-bedroom house in California for an RV

Karen, Sylvester, and their son Aiden are full-time adventurers who live in an RV. Aiden is “road schooled,” meaning he spends his childhood traveling the country and seeing things that many children only read about.

Finding an RV that would suit three people’s needs required much thought and effort. Features like counter space, storage, and privacy all needed to be considered if they were going to live there full-time. Eventually, they found the perfect RV to make their tiny home in.

Karen cooks for her family daily, so the RV’s kitchen was a huge selling point for her. She has plenty of counter space, a double sink, an oven, a microwave, and even a residential-style refrigerator with a freezer and ice maker.

Storage is plentiful all throughout the RV. Large overhead cabinets can be found in many of the rooms being used to store board games, glassware, blankets, or whatever else the family might need.

Aiden loves living in the RV and has plenty of room for his belongings. In addition to having room for his board games, books, clothes, and costumes, his favorite part of his room is that he has his own TV.

Before transitioning to full-time RV life, the family knew they wanted to spend more time together and pay off some of their debt. Since moving in, Karen and Sylvester have paid off more than $200,000 of debt.

Karen, Aiden, and Sylvester agree that they don’t need much to be happy. Having each other and their beautiful RV is more than enough for them. They are an excellent example of how families can be financially free and live an extraordinary life full of adventure from a tiny home!

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