This Family’s Dog Died, But After Three Years, A Stranger Calls Them To Meet Outside The Hospital

Back in the year of 2012, army man Ben Harworth moved his entire family all the way to South Korea for a new mission. They left their dog, Zeus, to stay with a friend in their home state of Georgia, and after a few months of being abroad, tragedy struck. They received a terrible phone call in which they were informed that their dog had died.

Words cannot describe the grief and heartbreak that this poor family had to endure after receiving such awful news, and the guilt they felt for having left him behind. The Harworth’s soon were back in the United States, but this time in Washington state, after being relocated again. And that’s when this incredible story took the most unexpected turn you could imagine, and it was definitely a turn for the better.

A few months back, Laura, from North Carolina, reported a big dog that was wandering near her home. Looking exhausted and in poor health, Laura felt for the dog and took him into her home to give him some shelter. She took the dog to the veterinarian for a check-up, and they checked his microchip, and discovered that he was in fact, Zeus, the Hfarworth’s beloved dog that they were told was dead! They contacted the Harworth’s and, sure enough, they were confused, but glad to see their dear dog again.

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