When this family’s dog takes his turn at the pie-face game, it’s just way too funny

Some of my favorite moments growing up were spent during family game night. Everyone would get together at the table and debate for far too long about which game we should play. Some nights we would play monopoly. Some nights we would play Uno, and other nights we might play Sorry or Mouse Trap. No matter which game we chose, it was always a fun time for everyone.

This family plays their family game night a little bit differently. They have one extra and rather unusual guest. While most would be delighted to have this guest in the room during the family game night, they wouldn’t think of him as an added player.

The guest for this family’s game night is their pet dog. The only thing is, the game they are playing is the pie-in-the-face game.

This dog is just way too cute when he puts his face in the hole that the pie is aimed at. You can see the dread and suspense in his face, but then again, everyone is doing it. Let us know what you think, and if you thought this dog was as delightfully adorable as we did, then be sure to share this with family and friends.

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